On these hills, between the sea and the lakes, favorable climatic conditions are created to cultivate the vineyards that give life to the fine wines of the area and of the Cellar. A unique landscape, rich in culture and traditions, better known as the territory of Daunia or Capitanata, where in a few kilometers you pass from the shores of the Adriatic Sea to the peaks of the Dauni mountains, at about 1200 meters above sea level.



Vincenzo e Andrea

2007 records the debut of the “Colli Liburni” winery in the productive and selective panorama of quality wines of the Puglia region. The merit is of Vincenzo Altieri and his son Andrea, who after several years spent in the world of mediation and marketing of grapes and musts, continuing the work that for generations had been handed down by the family, gave birth to this historic and dynamic reality, determined to enhance the vines and wines that the territory produces.


From the foundation to the years spent in the world of mediation and marketing of grapes and musts, up to its new entrepreneurial reality, modern and future-oriented

1897 - 1915

Vincenzo Altieri began to purchase land, and set up the first indigenous vineyards, from which he produced grapes and wines for his family and for the inhabitants of San Paolo di Civitate.

1915 - 1930

Nonno Vincenzo founded the owner winery and became the trustee of Martini & Rossi, thus starting the marketing of wines and grapes in Northern Italy.

1931 - 1953

Vittorio Altieri disposed of the proprietary winery, and dedicated himself with passion and energy to the expansion of marketing and the brokerage of wines and grapes between local producers and companies.

1954 - 1983

Nonno Vittorio further increases the distribution network, and becomes President of the Cantina Sociale di San Paolo di Civitate, a role he holds for two consecutive terms of office.

1983 - 2006

Vincenzo Altieri replaces his father, and continues to market wines and grapes, contributing to the growth of intermediation between local producers and large-scale distribution.

2007 - 2019

Vincenzo and his son Andrea founded the ``new`` owner Cellar, opening the current plant, and in which they reactivate the production of labels with refinement in steel barrels.

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From 4 Generations

It all starts with grandpa Vincenzo and his son Vittorio, and today continues with Vincenzo and his son Andrea

Vincenzo Altieri
Vittorio Altieri
Vincenzo Altieri
Andrea Altieri